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Security & Law Enforcement Consulting Services 

Howse & Associates provides professional and independent consulting services for security and law enforcement agencies.

Law Enforcement Consulting

Howse & Associates provides professional consultation on matters of law enforcement operations and management, including policy review, management consulting and budget analysis.  Howse & Associates is also experienced with unique law enforcement agencies such as campus and hospital police agencies, transit police, airport police and other special district agencies.

Policy Review
Policy manuals serve as the core value system of a law enforcement agency.  They should be direct, clear, and concise.  Howse & Associates can perform an independent evaluation of departmental operating policies to ensure compliance with best practices and legal standards.

Management Consulting
Howse & Associates consulting can provide law enforcement administrators, city managers, and special district boards with a thorough written assessment of agency operations to evaluate morale, agency performance, staffing, and budget. 

Security Consulting

Vulnerability & Threat Analysis
We provide a comprehensive security assessment of operations, facilities and policies with regard to security costs, staffing, and productivity resulting in a thorough written report for the client. 

Security Design Consulting
Howse & Associates is not affiliated with any security service or security equipment manufacturer and provides independent security design consulting for construction projects including management of security vendor and security equipment selection; security budget right-sizing; and general security project management oversight.   

Security Master Planning
Particularly helpful for large campuses and facilities, this is a comprehensive project designed to evaluate current security program needs and general accountability as well as future security needs including the potential integration of legacy security systems and adaptation of new technology.


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