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Investigation Services
Howse & Associates provides  professional, confidential and cost-effective private investigation services for individuals, attorneys, businesses, and government.  Howse & Associates is located in Trophy Club, Texas, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and is licensed and insured to provide investigation services throughout Texas.

        ∠  Marital Infidelity Investigations
        ∠  Surveillance
Missing Persons 
        ∠  Trademark & Signal Piracy Investigations    
Child Custody Investigations  
Criminal Investigations 
Background Investigations 
        ∠  Fraud Investigations 
        ∠  Corporate Due Diligence Investigations
        ∠  Worker's Compensation Investigations

Cases are normally billed hourly but may be billed on a flat fee for attorney clients and in certain other circumstances.   For more information or to discuss your specific case in confidence call us at 
(817) 988-8443.                             











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