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Howse & Associates works with plaintiff and defense attorneys across the United States to provide professional case evaluation and expert witness services on matters of security and police operations and security/police negligence.  Keith Howse, principal consultant, has 30 years of professional experience (both field and executive management) in the security, law enforcement, parking and transportation, and legal professions.  This unique blend of experience and education distinguishes Mr. Howse from others within the public safety expert witness field.

Mr. Howse is Board certified in security management having earned the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation  and is a member of the professional security organization ASIS International.  Mr. Howse conducts all security assessments in compliance with the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) forensic methodology, as recognized by Federal District Courts.

Several cases are listed below to provide a representative sampling of those on which Mr. Howse has consulted with either plaintiff or defense counsel.

∠ Sexual assault and stabbing of a nurse in a hospital parking garage;

∠ Wrongful termination of Deputy Constable from Field Training Program;

Excessive use of force by city police officer after vehicle pursuit;

∠ Homicide of an employee on a large corporate campus;

∠ Wrongful death of patient by police and security personnel at a hospital;

∠ Robbery/assault of a patron at a casino hotel in a sovereign Indian Nation; 

∠ Unlawful arrest and incarceration of a citizen by county sheriff's deputies;

∠ Sexual assault of a passenger on a transit bus;

∠ Jewelry heist in a hotel parking lot;

∠ Excessive use of force by city police officers during arrest;

∠ Search and seizure of students attending high school dance; 

∠ Capital murder/robbery of an employee at a financial services store;

∠ Assault of a patron in a hotel parking lot;

∠ False arrest/police negligence involving a drug investigation;

∠ Attempted murder of a small child in a laundromat;

∠ False arrest/use of force involving a patron at a large shopping mall;

∠ Homicide of a registered guest in a hotel room;

∠ Assault/shooting at a popular restaurant and club;

∠ Sexual assault of a patient in a hospital;

∠ Use of force by security officer at an apartment complex;

∠ Sexual assault of a resident at an apartment complex;

∠ Arrest authority of campus police officer and subsequent use of force.

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